May 14-18

We have made it to our last full week of 5th grade. Way to go!! This is a busy week. Monday is STAAR math retest. Tuesday is STAAR reading retest, and Wednesday is STAAR science. Because of STAAR testing, we cannot have visitors in the building so please don’t plan on eating lunch with your student those days. Thursday and Friday we will have our 5th grade Olympics. If your student has a shirt, bandana, hat, etc that is the color of their class (Brantley – yellow, McBride – red, McFall – green, Owens – blue, Ummel – orange) then please wear on Friday. They will also need to wear tennis shoes Friday. They will not get wet.

Reminder: 5th grade awards are May 23 at 8:30.

We’ve loved teaching your students and spending a year with them. Thanks for sharing them with us each day.

May 7-11

We are so close to the finish line of 5th grade! This week in math we will be doing a couple of assignments to keep our math skills sharp and ready for 6th grade. In language arts we will work on a memory book of all our favorite things that happened this past year. We still have one STAAR test, science, to go. It will be Wednesday, May 16. Our awards ceremony will be May 23, the last day of school. Hang in there – summer is coming!

April 30-May 4

STAAR results will come home April 27 with your student. Remediation for the second administration will start next week for those students who need to take the test again. Students will review science concepts this week while I am in remediation and have a spelling test on Wednesday. Class pictures are Tuesday, May 1. Please send $10 by Friday to purchase. We are in the home stretch to summer!

April 23-27

Monday is a school holiday. Tuesday the Kona Ice truck will be here. Make sure money is in before that. Wednesday we will be visiting the middle school and touring it to get ready for next year. Thursday is field day from 8:15-11:30 and you may check your student out when it’s over. Make sure to bring a change of clothes if you are staying. The spelling words are listed below for the test which will be May 2.


first     night     natural     there      hours     though     oil

suppose     American     its     modern     large      didn’t

never     catch     except     thought     through     fun

began     instead     examples     before     energy

became     business

April 16-20

Congratulations! You survived the math and reading STAAR tests! Next week we will be reviewing science, have a spelling test on Wednesday, write letters to the 4th graders and doing a little bit of math. Some upcoming April dates to be aware of – we will visit the middle school on April 25 and have field day on April 26. Hang in there guys – we’re almost done!

April 9-13

The week you have been fearfully anticipating is here. STAAR math will be Tuesday April 10 and STAAR reading is Wednesday April 11. Please make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep, eats a good breakfast, and brings a book and water for the test. We are not allowed visitors on campus those days so you will not be able to bring your child lunch. They have worked hard and are prepared. We look forward to good things from them! Spelling words are listed below for our test Wednesday, April 18.

does     whose     troubled     choose     it’s     ice     animals

whether     either     its      once     which     change     largest

iron     store     weather     beside     humans     their     although

your     sleep      you’re

April 2-6

In math we are reviewing for STAAR. In language arts, we will have a spelling test on Wednesday. Please make every effort to be at school this week. The math STAAR test is April 10 and reading STAAR is April 11. We are reviewing key concepts this week so we don’t want your student to miss anything!

March 26-March 30

This week we will continue reviewing for STAAR. Our spelling test will be April 4. The words are listed below. Friday is a school holiday. Our Easter party is March 29 at 9:30 at White Oak Baptist Church. Please make sure your student has brought a dozen filled plastic eggs in a dozen egg carton. We still need Little Debbie snacks and drinks. We also need a signed permission slip since we are leaving campus.

there’s      reasons     difference     they’re     early     pay     past

seven     children     carefully     north      language     often     correct

always     history     instead     important     until     famous

late     perhaps      their     learned

March 12-23

Some important dates to remember:

March 12-19 is spring break. March 20 are spring pictures. We will have a science benchmark and spelling test March 21. Easter party is March 29. A note is going home today about what we need for the party. Math STAAR is April 10, Reading STAAR is April 11. Trip to the  middle school is April 25.

We are in crunch time for STAAR. Please be at school as much as possible. We are reviewing and preparing and each day is so important. We are confident your student can succeed!

Week of March 5-9

This week in math we are continuing to review all math concept to prepare for STAAR which is April 10. Reading STAAR is April 11 and science STAAR is week of May 14. In language arts we are going to look at sequence words and use them to write a paragraph. Our next spelling test will be March 21. The words are listed below.

milk     along     choose     later     colored     couldn’t     square

caught     money     quite     all ready     child     trip

woman     eye     straight     too      draw     buy

theirs     remember     there’s      beautiful