Week of March 6-10

This week we are reviewing for our math STAAR test every day except Thursday. Thursday we will have our spelling test and do some writing. Some very important upcoming dates: Spring Break is March 13-17. Math STAAR is March 28 and reading STAAR is March 29.

Week of Feb. 27-March 3

This week in math we will be reviewing some of the math concepts that give us the most trouble. We are working very hard leading up to STAAR and we are proud of our students’ effort. Our next spelling test will be March 9. The words are listed below.

milk     along     choose     later     colored     couldn’t     square

might     money     quite     all ready     child     trip     woman

eye     straight     too     draw     buy     theirs     remember

there’s      beautiful

Week of February 20-24

We have worked so hard this week taking 2 benchmarks. So, to reward ourselves – we will have Monday, February 20 off as a school holiday. Wednesday, February 22 is an early release day. This week in math we will finish going over the math benchmark and review some concepts that are a little hard for us. In language arts we will be talking about sequential words. Our spelling test is Thursday, February 23. Spring break is right around the corner – March 13-17. This year is speeding by!

Week of February 13-17

We have a very busy week. Monday we will be going to the symphony at the Belcher Center. Please have your child wear a White Oak t-shirt and jeans. If they need a t-shirt, we have some available. Tuesday, we will have Valentines parties in our homerooms. Your student needs to bring a drink. We will provide the cookies. A list was sent home last week of the names of the students in your homeroom so that if your child wants to bring Valentines they can send one for each child in their class. Wednesday we will have a math benchmark and Thursday we will have a reading benchmark. February 20 is a school holiday and February 22 is early release. Listed below are the spelling words for our test on February 23.

either     happened     human     all ready     Americans     strange

least     strong     weather     already     learn     there     across     during

soil     lets     suddenly     field     single     whose     their     child

who’s     wish

Week of February 6-10

This week in math we will continue learning about financial matters like income and different forms of payment. We will have a spelling test on Thursday and then talk about quotations. Next Monday, Februrary 13, we have the opportunity to go to Letourneau University and hear the East Texas Symphony. Make sure you return your permission slip. Next Tuesday, February 14, we will celebrate Valentine’s Day in our homerooms. Students may bring valentines for each person in their homeroom class. February 15 and 16 we have benchmarks. We are definitely busy in 5th grade!

Week of January 30-February 3

February?!?! How can that be? We are working so hard in math and language arts. This week in math we are starting one of my favorite units – financial literacy. We will learn about different taxes this week. We will also review multiplying and dividing decimals. Because we are preparing for STAAR, we will not have a language arts day this week. The next spelling test is February 9. The list of words is listed below.

be     there’s     your     first     who’s     people     may     too

different     let’s     however     sure     English     problem

friend     language     whose     information     you’re     reason

maybe     history     month     middle     step

Week of January 23-27

This month is flying by! Please note that Wednesday, January 25 will be an early release day. In math we are finishing up data analysis and reviewing area and perimeter. In language arts we will do one more persuasive paragraph. Our spelling test is Thursday, January 24. We are working hard and we’re so proud of all of our 5th graders!

Week of January 16-20

Monday we will have a school holiday so that we can observe MLK day. This week in math we will be looking at dot plots, scatterplots, and problem solving. We will have less language arts leading up to STAAR so that we can work on problem solving. We will have a spelling test next Thursday, January 26. The words are listed below. Next week we will have an early release on Wednesday, January 25.


your     their      another     because     something     always     until       since      surely

answer     complete     carefully     simple     else     friends     information

figure     you’re     plane     street     couldn’t     reason     difference     yours

Week of January 9-13

We survived our first week of 2017 and 2 benchmarks!! This week our science benchmark will be on Tuesday. Originally it was scheduled for Wednesday but we have had to move it. Make sure to bring a book to read Tuesday after the test. Our spelling test will be on Thursday. In math we will be looking at bar graphs and practicing some problem solving. In language arts we are going to look at persuasive writing. It’s going to be a great week!

Week of December 5-9

Can you believe it’s December and you are halfway through 5th grade? Oh my! This week in math we will talk about classifying 2D shapes like quadrilaterals and triangles. In ELA we will have our spelling test Thursday and work on finishing up our ABC Christmas books for PreK. Thank you so much to everyone who has sent pajamas, books, and bags for us to give to them. They will love them!

Looking ahead to next week, Thursday and Friday will be early release days at noon. Friday we will have our Christmas party in the gym. Stay tuned for more details.