March 25-29

This week in math we will continue reviewing math concepts to prepare for our upcoming test. In language arts we will have a spelling test on Wednesday and finish writing our story about someone we admire. Please note that on Wednesday and Thursday, 3rd and 4th grade will be taking benchmarks so our lunch time will be adjusted and we ask that visitors not come this day to eat lunch with students. Make sure you have signed and returned the blue note that explains about our upcoming field trip as well as important dates. Thanks!

March 18-22

Remember that Monday, March 18 is a student holiday. In math we will be working through several math packets to review for STAAR. In language arts we will continue working on our research of a famous person that we are comparing ourselves to. The next spelling test will be March 27. Other important dates to remember: Math STAAR April 9, Reading STAAR April 10. Easter party April 18. Easter break April 19-22.

milk     along     choose     later     colored     couldn’t    square     caught

money     quite     all ready     child     trip     woman     eye     straight

too     draw     buy     theirs     remember     there’s     beautiful

March 4-8

I cannot believe we are to March! Where has the time gone? This week we will have a reading benchmark on Monday and a spelling test on Wednesday. The words will be in their planners for the week of February 18. This week in math we will continue reviewing already learned skills. In language arts we will be researching a famous person and comparing and contrasting them to ourselves. Spring break is March 11-18. The students have March 18 off as well. We will be sending home math packets over spring break with students who are still struggling with math. If your student brings one of these home, please work with them over the break.

February 25-March 1

This week we will continue with reviewing math concepts we have learned. Thursday we will have a math benchmark test. Please make every effort to be here for that. Because of the benchmark and early release on Wednesday, we will have our spelling test next Wednesday, March 6.

February 18-22

Monday is a school holiday. Enjoy your 3 day weekend. In math we will be reviewing previously taught concepts to prepare for STAAR. In language arts, we will be writing with sequence words. The list of spelling words for our test, March 6, are listed below.

either     happened        human     all ready     Americans      strange     least

strong      weather     already      learn     there     across     during        soil

lets       suddenly     field     single      whose     their      child     who’s     wish

February 11-15

We have a lot of things happening this week. Monday, we are going to the symphony at the Belcher Center. Please wear a maroon or WO shirt if possible. We will return for class in the afternoon. Thursday we will celebrate Valentine’s Day in our homerooms. Students may bring a drink of their choice to enjoy at the end of the day. If they choose to bring valentines, they must bring one for each person in their homeroom. They also may give some to friends in other homerooms.

We have learned every concept in math and will now start reviewing this week. Tuesday we will have a common assessment in math and a spelling test on Wednesday.

February 4-8

This week in math we will continue learning financial principles such as balancing a budget and gross and net income. In language arts we will be working on putting quotation marks in the correct place. Our next spelling test is February 13 and the words are listed below.

be     there’s     your     first     who’s      people     may      too

different     let’s     however      sure     English     problem     friend

language     whose      information     you’re     reason     maybe

history     month     middle     step

January 28-February 1

This week in math we will finish data analysis and learn about taxes. In language arts we will have a spelling test on Wednesday and write a persuasive letter about school uniforms. Please sign and return the permission slip for our trip to the Belcher Center on February 11 to see the Longview Symphony. We will be returning to school that day for a regular day when it’s over so we ask that you do not check your student out. There is also not enough seating for parents so this will not be a field trip you can join us on. We will have a different one in the spring that you are welcome to come to.

January 21-25

This week in math we will be looking at stem and leaf plots and scatterplots. We will not have language arts due to a shortened week and science benchmark. The next spelling test will be January 30 and the words are listed below. Monday is a school holiday and Wednesday is early release. Thursday will be a science benchmark.

your     yours     their     another     because     something     always

until     since     surely     answer     complete     carefully     simple

else     friends     information     figure     you’re     plane     street

couldn’t     reason     difference

January 14-18

We have survived our first week back and 2 benchmarks. Way to go 5th grade! This week we will be learning about data analysis and different types of graphs in math. We will take a spelling test on Wednesday and talk about persuasive writing. January 21 is a student holiday, January 23 is an early release day, and January 24 is our science benchmark.