October 2-6

We have some important things to take note of this week. Wednesday, October 4 is an early release day for students. Thursday, October 5 we will have our first math common assessment. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before! In language arts, we will be writing a letter to our future self and math we will be reviewing and preparing for the test. The spelling list for October 11 is listed below.

their     said     thought     often     together     enough     against     turned

United States     hundred     finally    animals     although     bottom

explained     correct     measures     hair     woods     color

war     fly      yourself     seem

September 25-29

This week we are continuing with PEMDAS in math. Your students are rocking it – ask them what it stands for. We will also look at perimeter and area to get us ready for volume. Our spelling test is Wednesday, September 27. In ELA we will talk about capitalizing abbreviations. Looking ahead to next week, October 4 is an early release day for students.

September 18-22

This week in math we are learning PEMDAS. This is an important building block that your student will use the rest of their math career. In language arts we will talk about the difference between compound and simple sentences. The spelling list for September 27 is listed below.

their     than     its     only     through     work     thought     sure

morning      later     course     earlier     able     perhaps     beautiful

watched     happened     explain     straight     mountains

caught     hair     bird     word

September 11-15

This week we will learn about prime and composite numbers in math. On Wednesday we will have our spelling test over the words given out last week. We will also learn about adjectives in language arts. Your students are working hard and we are so proud of their progress!


September 4-8

We have a student holiday Monday, September 4. Enjoy your 3 day weekend. In math this week we will be learning about expanded form and decimals. In language arts we will talk about subjects and predicates. Our next spelling test is September 13. The list is below.

there’s      their     then     than     who’s     often     answers

I’m     perhaps     notice     that’s      beautiful     watch

friends     music     single     explain     travel     wrote

farm     circle     whose     they’re

August 28-Sept. 1

We are fully in the swing of 5th grade and your students are doing great! We have some important dates to remember – August 29 at 6 we will have parent orientation. This is a very important time where we can answer your questions and let you know what’s going on. We have our first spelling test on Wednesday, August 30. The words are listed on my previous post. Thursday we will take a math universal screener. This is simply for us to assess strengths and weaknesses. It will not be for a grade but it is important for us to know how prepared your student is for 5th grade math. Monday, Sept. 4 is Labor Day and is a school holiday.

Week of August 21-25

We are off to a great start in 5th grade! This week we will start to follow our regular schedule. On Monday we are going to have an eclipse viewing party in the cafeteria. In math we will study place value and in language arts we will look at irregular verbs. Our first spelling test is August 30. The spelling words are listed below.

there     their     first     its     most     written     does     together

sure     it’s     several     face     group     among     surface

follow     build     check     grew     listen     ask

single     clear     they’re

Welcome to 5th Grade!!

The first day of school, August 17, is almost here and we are ready for you! We have been working hard to make sure this will be the best year yet. Please come August 15 from 4:30-5:30 to meet all of your teachers. You will want to go to your homeroom class first so you can drop off your school supplies and pay $10 for your planner. Then you can go by the other classrooms so you can meet all of your teachers. Please be here Thursday by 7:45. We will walk up together as a class and begin your journey as a 5th grader. We can’t wait to meet you!

Week of May 22-26

Can you believe it? We have successfully made it all the way through 5th grade! Your students have worked hard and are ready for middle school. A few things to be aware of this week:

May 22: Olympics. We are asking that parents do not attend. We will be having class after the Olympics so it would be easier if we keep this closed.

May 23: Awards Assembly at 8:15. You are welcome to take your student home afterwards.

May 25: Early release at noon.

May 26: Early release at noon.

We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching and working with your child this year. We are proud of them and wish them the best in the years to come. Have a great summer!