Week of May 22-26

Can you believe it? We have successfully made it all the way through 5th grade! Your students have worked hard and are ready for middle school. A few things to be aware of this week:

May 22: Olympics. We are asking that parents do not attend. We will be having class after the Olympics so it would be easier if we keep this closed.

May 23: Awards Assembly at 8:15. You are welcome to take your student home afterwards.

May 25: Early release at noon.

May 26: Early release at noon.

We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching and working with your child this year. We are proud of them and wish them the best in the years to come. Have a great summer!

Week of May 11-15

Can you believe it? Only 2 weeks left until summer! These last 2 weeks are jam packed with some fun and special events so please take note of the following dates:

May 16  Middle school tour 9:30.

May 19 Field Day at 8:15. You may check your student out AFTER field day is over at 11:30.

May 22 5th Grade Olympics. We will be having class after the Olympics so we request students remain all day.

May 23 5th Grade Awards Assembly 8:15. You may check your student out after the assembly.

May 25 Early release.

May 26 Early release.

It has been a pleasure teaching your students this year. We wish them the best of luck as they move on to the middle school Go Class of 2024!

Some important things to know about May 8-12

Monday and Tuesday will be STAAR retest days. Because of this, our campus will be closed to any visitors. Wednesday will be the science STAAR and our campus will still be closed. Students can bring mints, a room temperature water bottle, and a book. Thursday we will have our last spelling test and fill our memory books from 5th grade. Friday we will go to Kidsview Park and Gforce. We should be at the park around 10 and at GForce around noon. Students need to have their permission slip, waiver, and $6 turned in by May 5. Your students have worked hard this year and we are looking forward to celebrating their accomplishments over the next few weeks.

Week of May 1-5

Happy May! It is definitely my favorite month of the year. This week we are finishing up some review for science and we are going to do some writing. Our class picture is May 1. The next week we have some important dates to remember: May 8 math STAAR retest, May 9 reading STAAR retest, May 10 science STAAR test, May 11 last spelling test, and May 12 our field trip to the park and GForce. Remember we need all permission slips, waivers, and money turned in by May 5. The spelling list is below.

speak     they’re     understand     explain     let’s      straight     woman

there     a lot     their     reach     single     figure     almost     several

differently     except     examples     you’re     language      piece

business     often     won’t     matters     case

Week of April 24-28

We will have a spelling test on Thursday. The rest of the week we will be reviewing science to prepare for the science STAAR which is May 10. Some upcoming dates:

May 12 Field trip to Kidsview and Gforce

May 16 Trip to the middle school

May 18 Field Day

May 22 5th Grade Olympics

May 23 5th Grade awards assembly

May 26 Last day of school/early release

Week of April 17-21

We love 4 day weeks! This week we will be reviewing math and writing letters in language arts. We are expecting to receive STAAR results on Tuesday and we will notify the students of the results that afternoon. If your student did not pass one or both of the tests, we will start intense remediation and tutoring on Wednesday to prepare them for the second administration. Please remember that one test score does not define who your child is at all. If your student passed, they will continue with their regular schedule with an emphasis on getting them ready for the science STAAR. The list of spelling words is below. The test will be April 27.

first     bright     natural     there     hours     through     oil     suppose

American      its     modern     large     didn’t      never     catch

except     thought     through     fun     began     instead     examples

before     energy     became     business

Week of April 10-14

This is a short week for us. On Monday and Tuesday we are going to do a math assignment that will cover almost everything we have learned this year. On Wednesday we will have our spelling test and then write the 4th graders a letter about what to expect in 5th grade. That afternoon, we are going to watch Max since they have read the book. Thursday is our Easter party. It is from 9:30-10:30 on the football field. We still need parents to put out eggs and provide either cans of soda or Little Debbie snacks. Please let us know if you can provide. Students need to bring their egg carton with filled and taped plastic eggs by April 12. You will be able to check your student out after the party. Friday and then the next Monday are school holidays so enjoy your time off. We pray you have a blessed Easter weekend.

Week of April 3-7

Congratulations 5th grade! You survived your first round of STAAR tests. We should have results the week after Easter and will let you know as soon as we hear. Science STAAR will be in May so we will be working hard to prepare for that. This week we will be doing some review in math so that we are ready for 6th grade. We are starting a great project in language arts that is based off the website Humans of New York. We are doing a Humans of 5th grade writing assignment and you will love seeing what your student writes about himself. Be looking for information about the Easter party and field trip to come home in the next few days. Our next spelling test is April 13. The words are listed below.

does     whose     troubled     choose     it’s      ice

animals     whether     either     its     once     which

change     largest     iron     store     weather     beside

humans     their     although     your     sleep     you’re

Week of March 27-April 1

The week we have been working toward is finally here. STAAR math will be Tuesday and STAAR reading is Wednesday. Make sure your student gets a good night’s sleep, eats a good breakfast, and brings a book. Your student has worked hard and will be fine. Please take a deep breath and trust that they will do their best. Remember that one test does not define your student. We will have a spelling test on Thursday.

Spring Break!

Next week, March 13-17 will be our spring break. Enjoy your time off. When we come back March 20, we will have our final push to STAAR which is March 28 and March 29. Spring pictures are March 22. The next spelling test will be March 30. The words are listed below.

there’s     reasons     difference     they’re     early     pay     past

seven     children     carefully     north     language     often

correct     always     history     instead     important     ;until     famous

late     perhaps     their     learned