December 17-20

Wow! This is our last week of the first semester. I cannot believe how fast it has flown by and how much your kids have learned and grown. Monday we are going to Brookshires to see how we use math in real world situations. Thursday is our class party from 9-10 in the gym. All of 5th grade will be together and it’s a great time. You are welcome to check your student out after the party. If they are staying, that day is an early release. Friday is our first day of Christmas break. We will return Monday, January 7. Enjoy your vacation – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December 10-14

This week in math we will be reviewing the coordinate plane and working on some logic problems. In language arts we will have a spelling test on Wednesday, December 12. We will also be finishing up our books that we have written for Pre K. They are turning out awesome! Our Christmas party is December 20 from 9-10. That day is also early release and our last day of school before the break. This semester has flown by!

December 3-7

This week we will be learning about graphing ordered pairs in math. In language arts we will keep working on our Christmas books that we will give to Pre K on December 19. Thank you for your willingness to help us give them a special gift. The next spelling test is December 12. The words are listed below.

there     its     every     often     until     earth     during     surely     fell

it’s     several      answer     usually     money     special     that’s     suppose

common     single     information     except     figure     you’re     free

November 26-30

This week we will study additive and multiplicative patterns in math. Our spelling test is Wednesday and then we will continue to work on our Christmas books that we are going to give our Pre K friends. This semester is flying by and we are proud of all the hard work!

November 5-9

Can you believe it’s November? We are flying through this first semester! This week in math we will be studying classifying 2D shapes. In language arts we have a spelling test on Wednesday and then we are going to start one of my favorite projects. 5th grade writes Christmas books for the PreK and that project starts Wednesday!  Upcoming dates to be aware of:   November 15 Picture retake day and Big Kahuna items will be delivered. November 19-23 Thanksgiving Break.

October 29-November 2

We have some fun things happening this week. Wednesday is an early release day and our storybook character parade. You can dress up like your favorite storybook character and present to the class that day. In math we are learning about the coordinate grid and in language arts we will learn about adverbs. The spelling words for November 7 are listed below.

its     people     world     important     picture     since     across     it’s     toward

built     strong     river     simple     build     clear     energy     straight     they’re

bright     sent     present     plan     rather

October 22-26 Red Ribbon Week

This week is Red Ribbon week. Monday wear red. Tuesday wear your favorite team jersey. Wednesday wear dress code pajamas. Thursday wear crazy socks. Friday wear Roughneck spirit colors. In math we will be finishing converting measurements. In language arts we will have a spelling test on Wednesday and work with prepositions.

October 15-19

You have made it through the first 9 weeks of 5th grade! To celebrate, there will be a student holiday on Friday, October 19 so enjoy your day off. In math we will work on converting measurements. In language arts we will finish writing our Halloween Roll-A-Story. The spelling words for October 22 on listed below.

you’d     there’s     first     through     too     another     because

between     along     important     second     across     areas     surface

finally     possible     else     travel     yourself     thus     square     moment

teacher     happy

October 8-12

This week in math we will be learning about volume. We will be making Monster Theaters to explore the ideas of perimeter, area, and volume. In language arts we will have a spelling test on Wednesday and write a spooky Halloween story. Remember to bring a pep rally note on Friday if you are planning to attend.

October 1-5

It’s White Oak Homecoming week! Because of this we will release at 1:15 on Friday so that students can attend the pep rally. In math we are reviewing some concepts and having our first Common Assessment on Thursday. In language arts, we are writing a letter to our future selves that I will deliver to you in 10th grade. The spelling words for October 10 are listed below.

their     said     thought     often     together     enough      against

turned       United States     hundred     finally     animals      although

bottom     explained     correct     measures     hair     woods     color

war     fly     yourself     seem